turn-key playground business

Why not choose us to achieve a turn-key playground business

Many years ago, several experienced veteran designers and engineers gather together and created our company. Because of their professional knowledges of playground equipment industry, decades of years pasted, our company survived to become stronger. In the past decades, we have been focusing on renovating our designs, as well as updating our manufacturing technologies. Due to these uninterrupted inputs, we are able to continuously provide our customers high-quality products. This is not enough, we also provide customized installation services for our customers based on their true needs.

Over the past decades, we have established business partnership with many public institutions. If a shopping mall or a supermarket want to add an indoor play area to their territory, they would like to ask for our help. You should not only owe this to our reputation but also should to our high-quality products. Normally, we have always complied with the highest safety standards in our sector. We believe the stricter rules will make our products more perfect and safer. Actually, while we are doing the design and manufacture, we always remind ourselves of those standards. Only relying on those rules can’t make great products, we have also used premium materials to make the superior products. Aide from this, we still apply the advanced technology in the production process to ensure the high-quality. What’s more, we have the changeable product line, which also stands for flexible capability. Besides, we also keep refreshing our lines to produce those innovative products. Regarding all of these, we can successfully satisfy the needs of all our customers.

Due to the strong technologies and the flexible product lines, we can make all kind of fun play equipment. If you want to run a trampoline park, we have the trampoline in different sizes, as well as adventurous slides for you. If you think these are not enough, you can also add the ninja course that we can also provide for you. Normally, in the indoor playground, especially those daycare center, you can always find soft plays designed for little kids. We can also manufacture this kind of play equipment for your special play area. In a word, we are the leading one that can provide all kinds of commercial play equipment for our partners from all over the world.

You may have already known that our company is a turn-key indoor playground manufacturer in china. So, for those freshmen of this sector, they can turn to us for a good solution. From the very beginning, often refers to the market research, we can just start our cooperation. We have both the professional knowledges and the abundant experiences to help your get full information of the market. Next, we can help you to finish the design or provide some suggestions for your designers. In the medium, you may prepare to get the equipment listed in your planning sheet. Then, we can help manufacture wear and tear indoor play equipment for you. What’s more, the following installation and the related services all are in our hands.