3 crazy VR racing ride simulator

Before VR racing ride simulator, let us have a brief review over VR first. Virtual reality is talking about a simulated and immersive scene where you may feel you are in a real world. Usually, you have to enter a VR world by using VR simulators that are often made with high technologies. Most of these VR simulators have to employ a pair of 3D glasses to help build a virtual world. The most common ways that VR comes to us are by movies and games. What it will actually be depends on the VR simulator type you are using. Ok, let’s have a quick look over 9D VR simulator now.

Red Motorbike 9D VR Simulator

Red Motorbike is classified as one of the fast-paced 3D racing games that can help your experience a high-speed riding. It was built into a cool shape of motorbike and painted with impassioned color. It has employed highly reinforced materials in building its main structure so that it can sustain a huge weight. Before you get to ride, you have to put on 3D glasses, with which you can actually enjoy 360 panoramic. While you are shuttling on the highway, you have to dodge the attack from your enemies. At the same time, you should give a shoot to them as a response. Throughout the whole process, you will have a real chance to feel the fast & furious.

VR Racing Ride Car

VR Racing Ride Car is the latest VR product among all series of our product. It has successfully combined high technology with fashionable elements that can be seen from its cool and fashion appearance. Also, it has 360 HD rotating helmet that can enable you to see in 360 degrees while you are driving on the highway. What’s more, we have built a dynamic motion platform, above which are the car seats. The platform will produce a vibration amplitude in corresponding with the real time driving condition.

Bluetooth Warrior 9D Virtual Reality Simulator Racing Car With 1 Seat Racing Game Machine

This simulator is also the latest VR product made in our factories. It also has a dynamic motion platform that can make a ± 26 degrees amplitude before and after, as well as perform ±19 degrees lift. Besides, we have employed high-definition game film to build our exclusive VR racing car. In this way, you will easily immerse yourself in it and enjoy the speed. In order to turn it to an interactive racing game, we have developed a multiplayer mode that can enable you to race with you friends or others. Under this mode, you can chase casually with each other in the highway.

Racing game always come with fast & furious, which can create a fun and exciting experience for every player. When it was combined with VR technology, then, you can experience more such as a wonderful visual effects.

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