Climbing and Sliding Come Together with Giant Volcano Slide

Speaking of slide, we all know that it is necessary to those indoor playgrounds. Indeed, there are usually all kinds of indoor slides that are made in different shapes and sizes. Usually, the slides built in different sizes are aimed to provide fun for players of different ages. Let alone the various types, even the simplest flat slide can always bring to those little players tons of fun. Indeed, it seems that people can get endless fun when they are sliding down the slide over and over again. Today, we are going to look through two different types of slides that are suitable for indoor parks.

Volcano Slide

Just hearing from its name, you will be able to imagine out what kind of slide the volcano slide will be. Actually, the Volcano Slide is a combination of a climbing volcano and a tube slide. So, when you stan in front of the Volcano Slide, you will find out that it mainly consists of these two parts. The volcano is actually a climbing wall built in volcano shape, which has many grips arranged on either side of the volcano. The crater of the volcano was made into a platform where children can choose to stay for a while to recover from a long climbing. On one side of the platform, there is the entrance to the tube slide that is usually made of stainless steel. The tube slide has several transparent plastic windows arranged in equal distance to get in lights. When children reached the top platform, they can choose to slide down the rube slide or climb back down the volcano. With this play equipment, children can get fun both from climbing and sliding.

What to notice?

The big volcano is constructed of steel framework which is carefully wrapped up with plastic foam. Also, it is finally covered by soft film that is painted with bright colors and hot lava patterns. Usually, the whole structure features approximately three meters high and the height can be tailored according to your actual needs. With this height, we have to take care of the fall that may happen during climbing or at the platform. In this case, we have tied up a nylon rope on either side of the climbing wall, which can be used for grabbing to help children hold on to the wall. Besides, we have built a protective fence on the top of the volcano to prevent a fall. What’s more, the ground was covered by protective surface so that it will cause no harm to children if they fall to the ground accidentally. In the end, we suggest parents to safeguard their child while they are playing with this play structure.

The Volcano Slide is a new type of indoor playground equipment that usually has a big size and attractive patterns. With this equipment, children can not only experience climbing but also can experience an exhilarating sliding. This new indoor play equipment has become a hot spot in many indoor playgrounds and it is welcomed by schoolchildren.

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