The advantages of Outdoor play vs indoor play

Summer is coming, everybody! Now it’s a great time to take your kids out and attend some activities, which is vital to their overall development. There are activities indoor and outdoor, which is a difficult choice for parents to select. You may don’t know how to choose. These two ways have their own advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, indoor play for kids

firstly, indoor play can avoid the risk of injury to some extent. Yes, we know that kids do need risky play in the process of their development. But soft indoor play areas can reduce the risk of injury and danger. And gradually they learn to play at an outdoor structure. Then why soft play areas are safe for kids? As there is a foam or soft padding throughout the area, like a cushioned landing, and ball pits.

secondly, indoor play can develop kids’ creative flow. They can use their creativity when they are taking part in some activities indoors. Crafts, arts and storytime can make your kids be imaginative, thoughtful and creative.

Thirdly, indoor play enables your kids to play in hot and cold seasons. No matter how hot the weather is, your kids can play inside as they like. They won’t be burned on hot equipment and don’t need to apply enough sunscreen. And some companies even offer indoor gyms for families that occupy very little space!

The above are the advantages of playing inside. But how about playing outside? I hope the following tips can be helpful to you.

firstly, playing outside can improve kids’ vision.

It’s reported that if kids spend more time outside, helping increase your kids’ farsightedness.

Secondly, playing outside can offer vitamin D. it’s not enough for kids to get enough vitamin D just by drinking milk. Then how can we solve the problem? Yes, the answer is the sunshine. The sun can offer a natural and free way to provide these benefit5s and more: building strong bones and preventing heart disease. you should offer enough vitamin D in your child’s diet so that they can get the desired amount of vitamin D every day.

thirdly, playing outside can increase kids’ attention span. it has been shown that more natural settings and greener settings appear to reduce ADHD symptoms in kids and may be helpful for more independent thinking. You can find that kids playing outdoors often can focus better than those not getting enough time outside.

No matter kids play indoors and outdoors, kids can have opportunities to take part in physical activity, adding extra benefits to kids’ playtime. Besides, today every family offers their kids the best food and the least house work. So kids are likely not to get enough exercise, leading to overweight. So play indoors or outdoors for 60 or 30 minutes will be better for kids’ health, reducing their blood pressure.

But you may don’t know how to organize the indoor and outdoor activities, or you don’t have enough indoor or outdoor play equipment. Then you can check out our sources listed below. And a wonderful world will be opened.

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